The three of us have been living on the open roads of Australia in our Vintage Mazda Bus since October 2020. 


However, before that Nala, our rescued Cat, was your average yet content house cat with no prior training. 

It is only a couple months before jumping into buslife that we started training her  & Nala was a rather skettish cat, in fact when we first got her she would only hide all day, you could tell she wanted to be loved but she had trust issues being a rescued cat & now she is a very affectionate cat & a true explorer !


We document our travels as we love sharing Nala’s progress & journey from a skettish shelter cat to the professional explorer she is now but also to share the knowledge we learnt the hard way about buslife with a cat in Australia & encourage all pet owners to be the responsible kind. 


So this is why we create Free guides from hands on experience for you all, we hope you enjoy them 


1: How to get started with Cat exploring 

2: Essential gear to start Cat Exploring 

3: How to harness train your cat


4: How to teach your cat to love its carrier 

5: How to teach your cat to love car rides

6: How to prep your Van for your Cat


7: How to handle stressful situations

8: How to bond with your cat

9: How to go CatExploring in Summer 

10: How to sleep train your cat