One French Lady, One Kiwi Gentleman & One Burmese Mix Cat (Nala)
Travelling around Australia in their
Vintage Bus AKA Pumbaa


We are Julie (French/Australian), Daniel (New Zealander/Australian) & Nala. 

We met in Perth while we were both running restaurants, got married within the blink of an eye and have been together ever since. We rescued Nala from the shelter back in 2019, we believe Nala was about 7 YO then, we have many theory as what her background is but unfortunately we don't know for sure. 


Daniel & I have decided to leave the corporate world behind, our careers, the cities lifestyle & so to leave PERTH (where we lived for 10 years) 🥳.

Call us cray-cray to do that now, but in this challenging 2020 year, we have come to realise that even though we are extremely thankful for some of the opportunities we have had, it was time to claim control back on our life’s.

We wanted to burst our bubble, invest in ourselves, look after our health, bound stronger together, widen our horizons & take the opportunity to do some good for the Planet 🌍.

Hoping to live our best life ( #purrfectbuslife ) while keeping our footprint on this planet as small as possible.

Our VINTAGE BUS 🚌 (1983) is made for LIVING completely off-grid thanks to solar energy ☀️🙏 ☀️.


When we'll be working on this journey, we want to avoid doing so in the cities & enjoy the great outdoors instead. We also want to avoid giving our time & energy to big corporations, we would much prefer to offer it to small individuals 👩‍🌾. We really hope to volunteer in bushfire affected areas 🔥💧 🐨🤞🏼.

Change is a process and we are only STARTING our new JOURNEY.

NO change is too small #bepartofthesolution 👍🏻.

Meet The Family

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