🐨 🚌 Our Vintage Bus: "The Koala Bus"🐨 🚌

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

This was our little vintage beast the day we picked it up, a 1983 Mazda Bus 🚌

(an old school bus).

We were so lucky 🍀 to get this bus at such a good due to COVID-19.

So, even though we were not exactly ready (still had a lease, we weren’t planning on leaving our jobs behind nor our life’s in Perth) we went for it & scooped ourselves a great deal 👍🏻.

Let me tell you about this Bus:

Our house on wheels used to fit 18 people & was converted into a home 2 years ago by an English cabinetry maker.

We are the third owners of this bus since its conversion.

It runs on Diesel, so as soon as we can source Bio fuel that’s how it will run 🌻.

We have renamed our bus the KOALA BUS 🐨 (previously named Betsy) due to:

  • Being in Australia 🇦🇺 and having applied for our Citizenship 🤞🏼

  • The symbolisation of Koala 🐨 (relaxation, well-being & dreams) which fit exactly with our new lifestyle

  • Its color scheme (inside & out) Grey, White & Green

  • The fact that the bus is far from going to Speedy Gonzales speed 🐢

The bus as a living room section with table & banquet. The banquet

is an empty shell, so we modified it for it to be Nala’s quarter 😻. The table can be lower to become a second bed 🛏.

The Kitchen is equipped with sink, oven, fridge & a microwave.

We have an indoors 🚽 but our heated shower is outside 🌟.

And of course our bedroom 🛏 (which can be completely closed off if we wanna leave Nala in there while we set up camp), we also have a 📺 in there, not that we plan on watching it but it was already there.

The bus also has a boot space (which is basically underneath our bed), a roof rack & solar panels ☀️.

The only thing this bus does not have us head space, but we will be don’t plan on spending most of the time inside anyways 😉.

The bus also came with everything inside, all the camping gears such as ⛺️, tables & chairs, barbie, gas cooker, safe, fake turf & gazebo 🙌🏼.

In terms of the modification we have done ourselves:

  • Replaced all fly screens

  • Tinted all windows

  • Soundproofed the whole driving section of the bus for Nala’s sensitive ears

  • added a tarp between the mattress & the boot to avoid red dust on the mattress ( & also make sure it's Nala proofed

  • Installed a newer and bigger roof rack

  • Added extra solar panel & battery to store our solar energy

  • Sewed all new curtains and cushions

  • Screwed a lot of latches, hooks and stuff

  • Fresh coat of paint pretty much everywhere inside/out

  • Added a water pump to the pump the water in the spare water jerry cans on the roof without heavy lifting

  • Replaced all hoses with safe drinking hose (to avoid Led poisoning)

  • Added water filters

  • Created a special space for Nala underneath the banquette

  • Created a door to keep Nala safe in the bedroom while we set up camp

  • Dan also did a lot engine wise ⚙️ but you know I don’t understand this 😉



😻🐨 🚌

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