📸 How do we get Nala to stand still for Photos?

Well let me just start by saying that Instagram is not always as it seems.

* See this beautiful photo of Nala watching the sunrise on Ninety Miles Beach ? Looks like she is waiting patiently for the clouds to disappear and let the sun shine, right ? Well, think again ... That’s right she is in fact having a little pee break (I guess the sound of the water inspired her) 😂

* Remember the photo taken from inside the Bus, where Nala is looking through the window (used for our « How to Car train your Cat ? ») It looks like Nala is taking a great interest at the outside world, right? Well, Nala is in fact licking Creamy Treats off the window, a little bribery never hurt a cat 😂

💭 What are your tricks to get your Cat to stand still for photo?

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