How to Bond with your Cat ? 😻

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

We truly believe that it does not matter if you follow step by step any of the Cat Training Guides we have created for you, if you don’t have a strong bound & trusting relationship with your Cat.

The stronger your relation will be, the further you will explore together.

However, trust is earned not given & it takes time!

1: Respect your Cat’s limits

The most basic thing to do to create an healthy relationship is to show respect.

Would you like to hang out with someone that always puts you in uncomfortable situations & make you feel overwhelmed?

Probably not right, it is the same for your Cat, especially since there can be a language barrier ^^

Always observe your Cat’s body language & never force your Kitty into doing something stressful or overwhelming.

Forcing your Cat into your desire is the worse thing you could do for your relationship.

After all, without trust & respect what is left in a relationship?

💭 This was especially important to us since Nala is a rescued Cat.

Even though Nala choose me at the shelter & not the other way around, Nala was not trusting with everybody & it took time for her to get out of her shell before even considering bringing Her outdoors.

2: Empower your Cat’s

Cats are curious creatures, allow your Cat to follow its instinct while outside will help build confidence in your Cat’s decision making. Not only your Cat’s confidence but the confidence you have in your Cat too.

So next time your Kitty is trying to guide to a certain direction while CatExploring, let your Cat take the lead (as long as it’s safe to do so)

💭 This is something that we struggle a bit as we keep on finding wildlife that could possibly be dangerous or even fatal to Nala if they were to cross paths, but we try really hard to let her follow her own path.

3: Positive reinforcement

Only use reward & posting reinforcement,

use treats & pets rather than punishments.

Every cat can learn new behaviours with love & patience!

💭 There is simply no other way for us!

Nala gets treats every time she walks well on the lead ... she has gotten very good at it & has put a little bit of weight on

4: Protect your Cat

Uncomfortable foreseeable situations are when you need to show your Cat, that you are here to protect your Best Friend.

Stay alert for oncoming hikers, dogs, bicycle or wildlife. If you see one of the following coming towards you, we recommend getting to your Cat’s level, show them love & encouragement by petting them, or give them the option to get back to safety by bringing their backpack to their level.

Your Cat, will understand that you respect them & trust you to keep them safe in any situation.

💭 Nala’s confidence level has exponentially improved since we first got her, or even since we first got her outside.

She used to be terrified of dog walking far away, or cars passing by and so on.

She now accept all of that, we could not be more proud !!

5: Show Confidence

In stressful & dangerous situations, we, as Humans & Cat Parents we might be overwhelmed or frightened, not for us but for our Cat. Of course, depending on the situation it can be highly challenging to stay calm & think clearly, but Cats feed on our emotions & behaviour.

We believe that the more stressful we look and feel the more stressful our cat will be.

The more confident & assertive we look to our Cats, the more reassurance they will get from us & understand that they can rely on us.

💭 That last post is as much as a reminder for you all than it is for myself !

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