💤 How to sleep train your Cat

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

1. Check up on your Cat’s health 🩺

Yowling at night can be a cat's way of expressing pain or discomfort.

So check with your vet especially if the below apply:

* Your Cat is an older cat (overall health might be decreasing)

* Your Cat has a known medical issue (that could be worsening)

* It has been a long time since your cat's last check up

* This is a new behaviour that has just come on

2. Is your Cat trying to tell you something ? 📣

Check if you have attended all your Cat’s needs

* Is their litter tray clean?

* Is their water bowl full of fresh water?

* Is there a cat or something spooky outside that is upsetting them?

* Is there something coming through the cat flap?

3. Let’s start the training 📚

If you've been through steps 1, step 2 & nothing has changed the chances are that your Cat, is waking you for two reasons: attention & food.

Thankfully, this is fixable, you can break your Cat's association between waking you & getting those two things.

In the wild cats follow a certain cycle:


2. EAT



.... Repeat

So, If you can recreate this at home, chances are your Kitty will be more cooperative to sleep at your own time.

Here's how.

1. HUNT: lets’ tire your Kitty out with some energetic hunting‑based play (like chasing a toy) &/or walks.

2. EAT: last meal of the day, about 1 hour before bed

3. GROOM: Chill out with your kitty, give them attention & affection

4. SLEEP: If the first three steps have gone well, your Cat should then snooze off on their own

4. Morning routine & wake up calls ☎️

Your Cat wants Food & Attention, to break this wake up call the best thing is to … Play dead.

Now, the hardest thing is to not give up, especially since at first your Cat will intensify the cries for attention & if you give up Kitty will think the new techniques works.

So keep at it & your Cat will give up.

5. You are the Boss 👑

To reinforce all the previous steps, show that you are the Boss, don’t instead to fed yourself, read the newspaper, have a shower before feeding your Cat & attend to their needs.

Now that should work & hopefully you can get some sleep.

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