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Updated: Nov 21, 2020


#purrfectbuslife 🚌 🐨 🙌🏼

Daniel & I have decided to leave the corporate world behind, our careers, the cities lifestyle & so to leave Perth 🥳.

Call us cray-cray to do that now, but in this challenging 2020 year we have come to realise that even though we are extremely thankful for some of the opportunities we have had, it was time to claim control back on our life’s.

We wanted to burst our bubble, invest in ourselves, look after our health, bound stronger together, widen our horizons & take the opportunity to do some good for the Planet 🌍.

Don’t worry tho, we are not only living life on the veg’s, showering once a week, nor going to volunteer in a hippie community ... NAH.... 🙅🏻‍♀️.

However, we are Starting to be more Sustainable .

So we came up with the “KOALA BUS 🐨 🌱 🚌 🌱🐨.

Hoping to live our best life while keeping our foot print on this planet as small as possible our VINTAGE BUS 🚌 (1983) (DIESEL TANK = BIO FUEL 🌻 Only once we can buy it from a reliable source, so once out of WA 🤞🏼) is made for LIVING completely off grid thanks to solar energy ☀️🙏 ☀️.

When we'll be working on this journey, we will avoid giving our time & energy to big corporations, we will offer it to small individuals 👩‍🌾instead. We will stay away from the cities job & hopefully re-connect with nature. We’ll hope to volunteer in bushfire affected area 🔥💧 🐨 🤞🏼.

Change is a process and we are only STARTING our new JOURNEY. NO change is too small #bepartofthesolution 👍🏻.

The thought of doing this without Nala 😺(our beautiful RESCUED Burmese Mix cat - #adoptdontshop 🙏) was breaking our hearts. Just thinking to have her take a ✈️ to be reunited with my Family in France in this COVID-19 time was just NOT an option.

For those of you that have met Nala, know that she is Extremely affectionate and follow us everywhere.

So we took her on tests run with us in the 🚌 & ... she LOVED it ❤️.

From that point onward it became clear that she was also be part of our #purrfectbuslife journey 🤩

All of that to say that we decided to go Live our Best Life travelling around AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺.

Stay tuned & follow our journey on “THE KOALA BUS “ #PURRFECTBUSLIFE where we will be posting the GOOD 🤩, THE BAD 😢& THE UGLY 🤬



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