Mechanics by Dan ⚙️

It was the day after we got back into Perth after out "South West" Tour.

We were sailing down the freeway when surprisingly the oil light came on in the dash.

The good thing is the light actually works, well great ! but why did it came on ???

Pulled over into a safe spot & noticed the rear of the bus was covered in black spots.

Then bent down to have a look at the underside and saw it dripping in oil!!

After getting down and dirty, (literally lying in pools of oil) found the oil filter seal had failed...

After further looking, found it was caused by the oil bypass valve failing, resulting in too much filter pressure.

The next morning a trip was made to the local Mazda dealer in Perth to see if a new valve could be ordered for our Vintage Bus.

Surprise, Surprise !! Mazda does no longer make parts for our beloved Bus!

Luckily, the boys behind the counter were more than willing to help, they let me rebuild the valve in their shop free of charge! How is that for customer service ?!

The valve was then seated into place nice and snug, the sensor wire re-fixed & the 5 litres of oil lost were replaced.

Extensive road testing has since been carried out & we can concluded that the problem has been resolved!

Things could have been much worse if the dimly lit warning light was not spotted when it was.

To show all the good, the bad and the ugly our fridge freezer also decide to stop working ... Yeah !!

Some quick tests with a multimeter located the problem at the fridge unit.

Boy was it correct! The fuse was unidentifiable, thanks to the humidity it had shorted out badly, the good news is the fuse worked & prevented further damage.

The new fuse is in, area cleaned and ventilation improved, (Tick)


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