Nala's Life on wheels 🚌​

The very first few days on the road, Nala spent all her time in her little hiding place whether or not we were on the move.

As soon as Nala would hear the motor noise she would run in there on her own. She must have felt safe in there 👏🏼.​

However, a few days later Nala made us understand that she just wanted to stay in bed instead.

So, we decided to give it a go that very same day, as we never force her to do anything she doesn't want to.

We left her in bed, gently tucked her in so she would not just slide off the bed while we drove.

It was an immediate success, she did not attempt to jump off it while we drove, nor appeared distressed.

In fact, she just slept the whole time 💤​

Daniel did create an extra "door" between the bedroom & living space on the bus so that we could leave Nala in the bedroom while setting up camps to ensure her safety.

However, we did not need to use this so-called "door" at all, Nala has clearly no interest in leaving the bus without us. We understood that the day, we left the bus' main doors completely opened & Nala just stat there, right next to the exit for hours.

Nala being a rescue cat we don't know for sure how she used to live her life but we believe that being the beautiful Burmese Cat that she is, she must have spent all her life inside so that no one would steal her.

Nala does not show any interest in hunting which makes us think she has no idea how to hunt & would not even know where to start 😂​.

Midway through our trip Nala also made us understand that she would not mind having more than one walk a day 👑.

So we decided that she was to get one in the morning & one in the late afternoon (midday is definitely too hot for her at the moment here in Australia & that her nap time anyways).

Nala is absolutely adorable on walks, she walks really well on a lead, but as soon as she sees the bus as we are coming back home, she starts trotting to be back home first 😇.​

Nala now also has her own camping chair, there is nothing special about it we just had a spare one so it's hers.

So while Dan and I are seating outside getting some fresh air, so will Nala.

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