🎒How to Teach Your Cat to love their Carrier

Updated: Mar 24

1: Introduce your Cat to their Carrier 👋🏼 Let your Cat familiarise itself with the smell & texture of this new object 2: Encourage your Cat to Enter the carrier 😋 What does your Kitty like ? Does your Cat has a favorite blanket or toy ? Put this in the carrier so that Kitty can associate the carrier with comfort & positivity. 3: Let’s move in 🏠 Time for your feline to enter their carrier, once inside if your Cat is not at ease despite the homey feeling of the carrier, try distracting your Kitty from this new experience. Use positif reinforcement technique & reward your Cat everytime for being cooperative & entering the carrier (do not close it yet) (use treats, or pets) 4: Positivity 😇 Over a period of time feed your Cat inside the carrier to really reinforce the positive bound between your Cat and the carrier. 5: Close the door 🔑 It’s time to see how your Cat reacts once locked in the carrier. Again, use positive reinforcement technique & reward your Cat each time for being cooperative. Start by closing the door for a small amount of time & slowly increase the duration over time. 6: Let’s move around 🐾 Once your Cat is comfortable in the carrier start carrying them around in it. This will help them get used to the motion of being moved.

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