The South West Loop

Daniel & I decided decided that rather than crossing the whole country from West to East straight away, we would do the South West Loop first 🚌

This allowed us to have a decent test run with Nala before committing to crossing the country with our vintage bus.

So down we went and spent one night near Busselton, we were lucky enough to find a free campsite with a beautiful forest.

Nala had her first walk in the bush on lead & she did amazingly well.

The next day we introduced her to the ocean and the beach at Busselton Jetty

( The longest Jetty in the Southern Hemisphere ... Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on it, so Nala had to watch from a distance).

Then, we went and explorer Eagle bay, Bunker Bay & Sugar loaf.

The sun was not shy so we managed to get some amazingly beautiful photos to share with you.

The next day we continued our way South & stopped at Yallingup, Canal Rock, Injidup Nature Spa. If these places were not yet on your list to visit this year, you should probably add them.

We spent the night at Honeycombs Beach, we were served with an outstanding sunset over the ocean from our campsite at the edge of a cliff.

The following day we headed off to the famous Margaret River. We had been there many times over the years living in Perth. In the past, we visited the wine region of Margaret River rather than the coastal side of it & this time we did the total opposite, spending our days looking at the ocean. We were so pleased to explore the coast with our Bus & Nala, of course.

This region has a charm like no others.

A rather large Brown Snake greeted at Margaret River Mouth Point, but that did not stop us from enjoying the scenery.

As we continued our way down to Augusta & Pemberton area our luck faded & the rain started.

This unfortunately meant that we were not able to enjoy the beautiful coast side of this area, nor clim the Bicentennial Tree very high (as it became clearly unsafe due to the rain). However, we did managed to visit the Valley of Giants.

Due to the bad weather not clearing up as quickly as we wanted, we decided to skip a few places that were on our list & basically do a home run to Quagi Beach (near Esperance) for a couple of nights. There we were lucky enough to have a break with the weather & enjoyed the beautiful beach, the impressing waves & just enjoy the moment.

We then arrived to Esperance, where we did booked ourselves an Airbnb for two nights.

We only did this as the main reason to go to Esperance was to be able to reach Lucky Bay, which is famous for having many kangaroo on the very beautiful white beach. However, pets are strictly forbidden. So we thought, we would leave Nala at the Airbnb while Daniel & I went exploring Cape Le Grand National Park.

Unfortunately, even though we visited the Park over three days, we did not see any Kangaroo at all ... and this was once again due to the terrible weather we had. So Julie had to improvised.

However, we managed to climb French Man Peak in between two showers.

On the other hand, our Host Steve & Jenny were the most lovely two people, absolutely amazing to talk to, so friendly & accomodating for Nala, it was like staying with family.

We then, drove in land towards Wave Roc (where we spent one night). We also explorer Lake Magic & Salt lakes. We were really surprised to discover there was actually quite a few things to see & do in this area. we really enjoyed our time there.


😻🐨 🚌

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