🥊 The whole leash/harness on VS leash/harness edited out issue 🍿

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

🔸Would this 📸 look better without a leash/ harness?

Most definitely

🔸Would this 📸 performs better on the gram without a harness/leash ?


🔸Are we 💪🏼 enough to edit out such things?


💭So if a 📸 would look & performs better by editing a harness/ leash out & that we are skilled to do so, why don’t we ?

🔹We refuse to « lie » to you guys & to give you unrealistic expectations.

I mean is it not enough w/ the unrealistic expectations ?

We already have unrealistic expectations about our bodies, relationships & careers.

Hell we have unrealistic expectations about life in general!

So why would we want to add unrealistic expectations about your pet & your relationship ?

🔹We don’t want to encourage owners having their pets off leash & we believe that by editing leash/harness out it can influence others to do so.

Not only off leash pets are more likely to cause harm to other 🧒🐈‍⬛🦎🐤 they are also more likely to be injured by others or putting themselves in a dangerous situation on their own.

On leash pets are less likely to cause any harm around them & no, it’s not cruel to the cat as long as the cat ❤️ it.

🔹Also cats have such a bad rep’ here (🇦🇺) & after 🚌 the country with Nala we realised that some of the population is « anti-cat » (in some places🐈‍⬛ are not even allowed in their garden unless it’s cat proofed & some towns ban cats all together).

Now, the reason is very valid as It is true there is an issue w/ feral cats but because of it domesticated 🐈‍⬛ are blamed & get a bad rep’ 😢

💭So if showing off cats on leash/ harness is helping people understand that we can all be responsible, protect each other’s & the wildlife while enjoy the outdoors, why would you want to edit it out ?

🕊If you are a « free » explorer or a great 📸 editor know that we don’t judge you, we still 🤍you, we just don’t see eye to eye on this & it is 👌🏼 #respect

💭Compromise with a discrete harness

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