Why live in a Van/ Bus ?

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

There are so many reasons why people choose this lifestyle.

Some do this part time. Others sell off all their belongings & commit to van life full time (This is us !)

Vanlife is the process of taking control of your life, it’s about making the statement that you won’t miss out anymore.

It’s about leaning into your fear of the unknown in order to pursue what makes you feel alive.

It’s about meeting strangers from all over the world & creating friendships you would not have had otherwise.

It is about the commitment to create the most fulfilling life you can for yourself.

It’s about not settling for all the “shoulds” that society is pushing upon us.

It’s about focusing on what’s meaningful in your life & shedding what isn’t.

But however you go about it, living in a van is challenging, exciting & rewarding.

It’s a real roller coaster of emotions & boring is definitely not one of them.

1: The Excitement of the Unknown

Every day has the possibility of something different & unexpected happening

2: Challenge that Leads to Personal Growth

It will challenge you in ways that you never thought possible, but it carries rewards that will change you for the better

3: Freedom, Flexibility & Adventure

Many choose this lifestyle for the freedom & adventure that awaits on the open road

4: Focus on Hobbies

It will allow you to focus more time around your favorite hobbies.

5: Save Money

It allows you to eliminate rent/mortgage/utility payments, which probably represent a huge portion of your monthly expenses.

6: Live a More Minimalist Life & Appreciate the Simple Things

When you live in a van, you just don’t have space for needless things

7: Meet New People & A new Community

When you meet another vanlifer you’ve probably met a like-minded person who instantly understands your life in ways that others do not.

8: Reject Societal Norms & Direct Your Own Time

Its choosing to live in a celebration of the limited time that we have, and it’s honoring that time by striving to enjoy it.

9: Create memories of a lifetime

At the end of the day, that is all we really own !

10: There are so many more !!

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