The bus is a Mazda T3000 from 1983 & used to fit 18 people (an old school bus).

It was converted into a Motorhome in 2018 by an English cabinetry maker. 

Dan & I are only the third owners of this bus since its conversion.

We have renamed our bus PUMBAA because it of Nala & the fact that Pumbaa means "slow" in Swahili& let's face it our bus does not go really fast! 




















What is the bus actually like? 

The bus as a living room section with table & banquette. 

The banquette is an empty shell, so we modified it for it to be Nala’s quarter 😻.

The table can also be lower to become a second bed 🛏. 

The kitchen is equipped with a sink, oven, fridge & microwave. 

We have an indoors 🚽 but our heated shower is outside 🌟. 

And of course, our bedroom 🛏, which can be completely closed off if we wanna leave Nala in there while we set up camp. We also have a 📺 in there, not that we plan on watching it but it was already there. 

The bus also has a boot space (which is basically underneath our bed), a roof rack & solar panels ☀️.

The only thing this bus does not have is headspace, but we will be don’t plan on spending most of the time inside anyways 😉.

Our Modifications 

In terms of the modification we have done ourselves:

  • Replaced all fly screens

  • Tinted all windows 

  • Soundproofed the whole driving section of the bus for Nala’s sensitive ears 

  • Installed a newer and bigger roof rack 

  • Added extra solar panels 

  • Added extra battery to store our solar energy 

  • Added extra USB plugs

  • Sewed all new curtains and cushions

  • Screwed a lot of latches, hooks and stuff

  • A fresh coat of paint pretty much everywhere inside/out

  • Created Nala's quarter under the banquette, where she now has her littler box. 

  • We glued some ropes on the table foot, so Nala has a dedicated place to do her claws (& actually it’s turned out really pretty & fit well with our decor theme).

  • Secured all draw so there would be no chances of them opening while driving.

  • We managed to create a secure place for Nala to wait for us to set up camp (we basically created a door for the bedroom).

  • We had a big makeover and redid the whole decor: new floor, new paint, changed the roof liner, new backsplash tiles, new kitchen bench ...

  • Dan also did a lot engine wise ⚙️ but you know I don’t understand this 😉















                  BUS TOUR VIDEO